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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Off On Holiday

Off on holiday this evening for a couple of weeks.

Will post again on my return.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Advertise On A Police Horse

Advertise On A Police Horse........ No I'm not joking!

Just read the article Your Ad On A Police Horse and I've just picked myself up from the floor, I still have tears in my eyes.

The opening paragraph reads:

In business and desperate to tap into the lucrative football hooligan market? Need to sharpen your brand recognition among riotous drunks in the marketplace on a Saturday night? Nottinghamshire police are here to help. Businesses are being given a unique opportunity to advertise on their seven police horses. Saddlecloths and horseboxes will be adorned with logos and sponsors' names under the scheme, which, officers insist, is not a sign that their mounted division is cash-strapped or about to be scrapped.

Your Ad On A Police Horse - Go and read it if you fancy a laugh!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Retired Police Officers

Retired police officer skills are still in massive demand in the private sector.

On looking at the jobs currently posted on the Retired Police Officer Job Site there seem to be a huge number of companies looking to employ ex-police personnel.

A selection of current retired police jobs are posted below:

Head of Security - London
Fisheries Enforcement Officer - Wallingford
Crime Scene Investigator - Wales
Holmes 2 Indexer - South
Holmes 2 Receiver - North
Disclosure Officer - South
Senior Manager Regional Security - Dubai
Control Room Shift Manager - Northampton
Area Manager - North East
Senior Trainer - Tewkesbury

So if you're a retired police officer, why not register your details and see if you can land a cushy job utilising your police skills, while topping up your police pension!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Genetic Profiling

Genetic profiling of terror suspects has been in and out of the press this last few days.

First we had Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Ali Desai, quoted as saying that genetic profiling of terror suspects had created a new offence of "travelling whilst Asian".

Then we had Tarique Ghaffur, Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan police, (Britain's top muslim police officer) warning that anti-terrorism laws are discriminating against Muslims and law enforcement agencies are running a "real risk" of criminalising ethnic minorities.

This was countered initially by the Met's Superintendent rep, Chief Superintendent Simon Humphrey, who said it was 'wholly unacceptable' to paint Asians as victims and accused police chiefs who do so of undermining the efforts of their colleagues. His remarks appear to be aimed at Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur and Chief Superintendent Ali Dizael.

Then Alan Gordon, Vice-Chairman of The Police Federation of England and Wales, published a press release on the whole genetic offender profiling subject. I think this is the best re-buff I've read in a while - See below!


Picture the scene. Thousands of young men file past through security at the nation’s airports, watched with an eagle eye by awaiting police officers. Several aged between 18 and 40 of a certain ilk are stopped having been racially profiled.

But this is not the nightmare scenario Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei is so repulsed by. This is not the profiling of young British Muslims. This was the summer exodus of England fans on the way to watch the World Cup in Germany. Predominately young white males dressed in a certain way.

The reality is that profiling in one form or another has always existing in policing and football hooligans are only one example. Probably the safest airline in the world is the Israeli carrier El Al and they have profiled passengers for years. What’s more, it speaks volumes that a television news crew I spoke to recently said the vast majority of people they had spoken to at Heathrow Airport – British Muslims included – did not oppose the need for profiling.

I have no doubt that the Home Secretary predicted negative knee-jerkism at the slightest hint of profiling, but it is a sad state of affairs that this has come from a high ranking police officer at such a sensitive time. In dismissing profiling before making a dispassionate analysis of the evidence – good and bad; positive and negative – I fear Mr. Disaei is displaying the same mindset as his colleague Metropolitan Assistant Commissioner Tarique Gaffur: blissful ignorance.

Cheap, sensationalist soundbites about creating an offence of “travelling while Asian” are only likely to inflame moderate Muslim opinion and thus play into the hands of the terrorist. Yes, this is a difficult and emotive debate. But it is a debate we must have.


Fight, fight, fight, fight...........

Can't wait to read what comes out of the Desai / Ghaffur camp next!

Genetic Profiling

Friday, August 18, 2006

Public Sector Pay

Public sector pay disputes are once again in the news.

Police officers are not the only public servants currently in dispute with the government over their failure to meet previously agreed pay terms and conditions.

Apparently Gordon Brown is heading for a confrontation with six chairmen of independent public sector pay review bodies, over his demand to limit pay rises for millions of public sector workers to less than 2% next year.

The review bodies are likely to ignore the chancellor, who has lobbied for modest increases for the armed services, doctors and dentists, nurses and other health professionals, teachers, and prison officers. In his letter to the chairs, Mr Brown said that they should not use rising mortgage rates or fuel costs as a reason for going beyond his target.

Geoff Lewtas, national pay coordinator for the Public and Commercial Services Union, said: "If the Treasury does decide to try to enforce the 2% figure there is bound to be a big increase in disputes and strikes across Whitehall."

The battle comes as prison officers voted to strike over last April's settlement, and as tube workers said they were also considering industrial action over pay.

The Prison Officers' Association believes that the Prison Service leant on the pay review body last year to award a 1.6% rise. Colin Moses, POA national chairman, said the 29,000-strong union was demanding talks with the prisons minister Gerry Sutcliffe."What we now see is clear interference in the pay review body. Our members have taken a pay cut."

A statement from the Prison Service said: "It is of grave concern that the POA are likely to take action in breach of a legally binding agreement. If necessary the Prison Service will seek legal remedy."

A confidential Prison Service memo warns that industrial action will have "serious potential for loss of control" and "cause further difficulties in accommodating prisoners sentenced by the courts at a point when the prison population is at an all time high".

For further information, click public sector pay row.
3%? We'll be lucky.....
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Police Pay
Police Wages

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


PoliceCouldYou - Sounds a bit like a Fast Show 'Suits You' Tailors sketch with the two Kens.

"Ooooh.... Kenneth, police could you?"
"Ooooh.... Ken, police would you?"
"Ooooh.... Kenneth, police should you?"
"Ooooh.... Was sir with a lady last night....?"
"Ooooh.... Suits you sir!"

I mean come on, surely this is a professional 'uniform' standards or health and safety issue?

Even if there was any truth in the allegation of discrimination, which we'll never find out now due to this being settled out of court, why not just enforce regulations concerning correct attire for all males and females whilst on duty?

Call me old fashioned, but I don't see how a male officer wearing earrings, or a female officer wearing 'large loopy' earrings can give a 'professional' corporate image, when dealing with members of the public.

Whilst we're on a policecouldyou theme though, it seems funny that PCSOs have slipped in between Police Officers and Police Specials on the official site. Won't be long at this rate until it leapfrogs Police Constables into pole position.

Police Would You
Police Should You
Police Could You

How To Become A Police Officer

"Ooooh.... Kenneth, policecouldyou?"

Prison Officers Strike Vote

Prison officers vote to strike?

With only a handful of votes left to be counted, nearly 15,000 members have backed industrial action and 2,400 voted against, the Prison Officers' Association have said.

The 29,000-strong union balloted members in 132 public sector prisons across England and Wales.

POA National Chairman Colin Moses said: "What we now see is clear interference in the pay review body and a 1.6% pay award imposed in April this year. Our members have taken a pay cut. Prison officers are incensed and their morale is at an all-time low."

Finlay Spratt, Chairman of the POA in Northern Ireland said prison officers had seen the value of their pay fall around 5% over the last three years.

"The least we expect is for pay to keep in line with inflation," he said. "Prison officers do a very dangerous job and it is time society stood up and said this isn't good enough."

Hmmm.... Low morale, wage agreement not met by the Government, talk of 'industrial' action. I wonder how many other public sector professions the Government are going to 'upset' this year, or will it be just those working in a 'justice' environment?

Prison Officers Vote For Strike
Police Wages
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Police Wages

Police wages are in the press again today, not because the 'powers that be' have done the right thing and decided to honour a 27 year old police pay agreement, but due to a press release by the Police Federation concerning the highly publicised government pushed PCSO recruitment drive.

Responding to the announcement by the Home Secretary about a new recruitment campaign to increase the number of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) by 10,000, to help achieve the Government's target of recruiting 16,000 PCSOs by spring 2007, Alan Gordon, vice-chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said:

"Whilst it is true that we now have a record number of police officers, that will not be sustainable in the future if we continue to recruit vast numbers of Police Community Support Officers. Chief Officers do not have an endless pot of cash and early indications are that many will employ greater numbers of PCSOs at the expense of police officers.

"The sooner the government is honest about the situation the sooner we can have a serious public debate about the future of policing. On the one hand they appear to be applying pressure to the independent Police Negotiating Board to reject an agreed pay deal which has operated for police officers for the last 27 years, whilst on the other hand magically producing millions to ensure PCSO numbers are increased to 16,000 by next spring.

"The irony of the situation will not be lost on 141,000 demoralised police officers throughout England and Wales who hear words of praise from the Home Secretary about our professional handling of the ongoing terrorist situation whilst they are treated with such contempt by the government when it comes to honouring an agreed pay arrangement."

For further on the police wages issue check:
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Does The Police Service Listen To It's Officers?

The Police Service has been modernised, it's now being run in a 'private sector' style with police officers having to meet arrest performance targets and the like. Therefore police employees are fully allowed and encouraged to comment on the manner and management style of their Chief Constables...... Oh how wrong can you be!

Essex Police officers have been banned from commenting on an 'unofficial' police forum. The forum is operated by what's considered by most 'in the know' to be the UK police's online 'broadsheet' website - Police Oracle.

Police Oracle is a free news and information portal operated by mainly ex-police officers. The site was launched in 2002 by Geoff Hyams an ex-Met DI, who at the time of launching wanted to provide a free information resource to UK police officers, with aims to help cut police costs and promote good practice.

Geoff Hyams has been quoted in the national press on a similar subject: "Deafness to rank and file staff sometimes means failure to hear the most informed criticism of all, increasing the likelihood of external criticism and the threat of heavy handed government intervention."

Police Oracle is more used to reporting the news from a police prospective, than actually making the news itself. I only hope they continue to allow their member's access to this unofficial police forum.

The thread Essex Police - What A Mess! has been mentioned on numerous news sources, including regional newspapers and radio, it was also mentioned on CoppersBlog last week - Wee Rog. The forum thread is now apparently causing 'official' police concern.

Essex Police spokeswoman Kim Perks said: "The numbers reflected in the so-called opinion poll are tiny in the context of the 6,300 full and part-time staff that Essex Police employs and there is no evidence that it is Essex staff who have voted, or that the same person hasn't voted numerous times."

Essex Police Authority Chairman Robert Chambers said: "I am 150% behind Mr Baker. If there are any officers who are unhappy with the policies of the police authority or the police force then they should contact the chief constable - he is more than happy to talk to them. I can understand if you have a junior constable that might appear a bit foreboding, but that is the kind of man Mr Baker is. I am quite sure if there are genuine concerns they will be looked into."

This maybe so Kim, but unfortunately for Essex Police, the thread Essex Police - What A Mess! has had over 39 pages of comments left on it by police officers both serving and retired, members of the public, and members of local neighbourhood watch groups etc. At 10 comments per page, there's currently nearly 400 comments on the site.

The thread is unusual in that the officers are giving advice to members of the public and encouraging them to complain to their police authority and local MPs. It seems that the thread has allowed members of the public to talk frankly with police officers in Essex, there appears to be a real exchange of views between the public and police officers at grass root level.

I would have thought that the grown-up thing to do as far as dealing with this thread is concerned, would be for Essex Police to acknowledge the thread and look at the comments made by police and public alike, then action them.

The majority of posts seem to have been made during 'off duty' time, the police officers posting their comments are only doing so because they love their job, they hate to think they're not providing adequate service to the people of Essex.

In my opinion, Police Oracle should open a forum thread for every county in the UK, thus giving the public in other counties the chance to speak frankly with their police officers.

Articles in the press so far:
Top Cop Praises His Staff
Police officers attack the Chief Constable
Anyone like to air views on Essex Police?
Police play down Chief Constable poll
Website attacks police chief in arrests storm
Officers attack Chief Constable
Essex Police ban staff from web forum
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If you find anymore please tell me.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorists Abound

I've just been catching up with the events of today on the news. I've watched at least two hours about what on the face of things sounds like a bloody good job by the UK police and intelligence services.

The shocking or perhaps not so shocking thing, is the fact that once again it looks like the UK has managed to 'home grow' Muslim terrorists.

One news report states that all twenty-four terrorists arrested are British citizens.

God help us.

On another point, our Prime Minister was noticeable in his absence. He apparently is on holiday in the Caribbean. According to one news report, he's keeping a close watch on events in the UK.

Cherie is apparently looking forward to getting home and building a strong defence for the innocent members of the 'Liquid Explosive 24', whom she believes have received shoddy treatment at the hands of her husband's Governmental employees and security services.

Yeah, yeah of course I'm joking, but don't you think it's odd that Cherie is allowed to take on the so-called victims of Government as clients. Surely a conflict of interest should be declared. Keep it in the family eh?

"Ok, Tony, you get your guys to bang them up illegally, I'll build a sturdy defence on the public's purse and we'll share out the proceeds when Gordon takes over..."

Just read Dear Concerned Citizen - It made me laugh!

Police News Feed

Police News Feed As Supplied By Police Oracle

Get your own police news RSS feed from police oracle, open and paste the following URLs into the relevant area's of your internet browser, or site's news feed reader if you want them displayed on your webpage.

Police News Feed

Police Jobs Feed

Wasting Police Time

Pc Copperfield's book is now available on Amazon.

It's titled Wasting Police Time - The Crazy World of the War on Crime.

PC DAVID COPPERFIELD is an ordinary bobby quietly waging war on crime... when he’s not drowning in a sea of paperwork, government initiatives and bogus targets.

'WASTING POLICE TIME' is his hilarious but shocking picture of life in a modern British town, where teenage yobs terrorise the elderly, drunken couples brawl in front of their children and drug-addicted burglars and muggers roam free.

PC Copperfield reveals how crime is spiralling while millions of pounds in tax is frittered away, and reveals a force which, crushed under mad bureaucracy, is left desperately fiddling the figures.

His award-winning internet diary, Coppersblog, attracted rave reviews for its dry wit from The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph; The Mail on Sunday featured it across three full pages. It's also banned by most police forces - just accessing the blog is a disciplinary offence. Copperfield brings the same incisive, acid humour to bear in 'Wasting Police Time'.

The Home Secretary won't like it, and nor will Copperfield's Chief Constable, but a million serving and retired police officers and millions of ordinary Britons will be left nodding in agreement.

If you're fed up with Tony Blair's bogus war on crime, and you want the truth - with added laughs - this book is for you.

Wasting Police Time - The Crazy World of the War on Crime is now available on Amazon - Pre-order now and save £1.60 on shop prices.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More 'Black' Police Officers Needed

More Black Police Officers Needed is a press release published by Keith Jarrett, the president of the National Black Police Association on The Guardian.

Couple of issues here though, the National Black Police Association are running a poll on their site titled "I agree with Affirmative Action". To read what's meant by the term Affirmative Action please click NBPA Statement On Affirmative Action.

Unfortunately the majority of those polled so far seem to have picked the option "Strongly Disagree" in response to this poll. I've clipped the results as of today just in case this poll gets dropped!

Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Agree with conditions
Don't know

I'm confused.... What do we call this this now, is it Positive Discrimination, Positive Action, Affirmative Action or just plain old Discrimination?

On a lighter note, the majority of my mates who've never been in a 'job' environment, reckon the only Positive Action they'd like to hear about is when the criminal who's committed a crime against them has been arrested and banged up - Now that's what I call real Positive Action!

For further please click Police Recruitment And Positive Action

Police Work To Rule

Police may work to rule a news item published on The Observer that I haven't seen getting much press elsewhere.

The police may work to rule unless the government comes up with an 11th-hour pay offer this week. A failure by both sides to reach a settlement would seriously damage relations between the police and the Home Office and prompt accusations that public protection is being put at risk because of budget constraints.

Normally Britain's 160,000 police receive an automatic pay rise linked to inflation. The deal is agreed at the Police Negotiating Board between the 'staff side', representing the police, and the 'official side', for the government.

But to the dismay of the Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, the official side looks as if it will reject the deal for the first time since the formula was introduced 28 years ago.

'I can see 160,000 police officers becoming very angry over this situation,' said Jan Berry, the federation's chair.

The pay formula was established because police are barred from going on strike.

But Berry warned they could still make their grievances felt. There have been suggestions of a mass march on Whitehall, which would bring unwanted publicity for the Home Office at a time when the Home Secretary, John Reid, is keen to be seen turning the beleaguered department around. 'The police could opt to work to rule which would be counterproductive for justice,' Berry said. 'The one public service you have always been able to rely upon was the police.'

Police pay is subject to the Edmund-Davies agreement which states:
"In common with all those who submitted evidence for our consideration, this Committee is satisfied that the absence of the right to strike is a serious deprivation for any worker. It is essential that the police should not suffer in pay because they are deprived of the right to strike, and that it should be put beyond doubt that they are being paid fairly."

Police pay is linked to a survey commissioned by the Police Negotiating Board (PNB) entitled ‘Pay Awards for Non-Manual Employees outside Public Services Sector’. The survey measures pay movements to 7 June each year and police pay is linked to Median increase in total pay.

The negotiating board found that non-manual employees outside of the public sector 'enjoyed' a 3 per cent pay increase to 7 June 2006. This is the same percentage increase request that 'staff side' has put to the 'offical side' on behalf of UK police officers.

Seems strange that the 'official side' is trying to wriggle out of this agreement for the first time in over 28 years.

This follows my earlier posts Police Officers Can't Afford Mortgages and Police Pay Increase Refused.

Interesting thread on the police forum developing here 3%? We'll be lucky.....
Police Pay Crisis End In Sight

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Check Em Lads

Just added Check Em Lads to the side-bar.

It's a 'bloke' site concerning a very serious subject - It's refreshing to see something done about this with a sense of humour. The guys running the site are ex-forces, so I'm sure you'll be able to relate to their stories.

Check Em Lads appeared on telly recently, if you've got a few minutes you can see it online here - Check Em Lads are on the tube!

So come on fellas, don't forget to Check Em!