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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorists Abound

I've just been catching up with the events of today on the news. I've watched at least two hours about what on the face of things sounds like a bloody good job by the UK police and intelligence services.

The shocking or perhaps not so shocking thing, is the fact that once again it looks like the UK has managed to 'home grow' Muslim terrorists.

One news report states that all twenty-four terrorists arrested are British citizens.

God help us.

On another point, our Prime Minister was noticeable in his absence. He apparently is on holiday in the Caribbean. According to one news report, he's keeping a close watch on events in the UK.

Cherie is apparently looking forward to getting home and building a strong defence for the innocent members of the 'Liquid Explosive 24', whom she believes have received shoddy treatment at the hands of her husband's Governmental employees and security services.

Yeah, yeah of course I'm joking, but don't you think it's odd that Cherie is allowed to take on the so-called victims of Government as clients. Surely a conflict of interest should be declared. Keep it in the family eh?

"Ok, Tony, you get your guys to bang them up illegally, I'll build a sturdy defence on the public's purse and we'll share out the proceeds when Gordon takes over..."

Just read Dear Concerned Citizen - It made me laugh!


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