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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More 'Black' Police Officers Needed

More Black Police Officers Needed is a press release published by Keith Jarrett, the president of the National Black Police Association on The Guardian.

Couple of issues here though, the National Black Police Association are running a poll on their site titled "I agree with Affirmative Action". To read what's meant by the term Affirmative Action please click NBPA Statement On Affirmative Action.

Unfortunately the majority of those polled so far seem to have picked the option "Strongly Disagree" in response to this poll. I've clipped the results as of today just in case this poll gets dropped!

Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Agree with conditions
Don't know

I'm confused.... What do we call this this now, is it Positive Discrimination, Positive Action, Affirmative Action or just plain old Discrimination?

On a lighter note, the majority of my mates who've never been in a 'job' environment, reckon the only Positive Action they'd like to hear about is when the criminal who's committed a crime against them has been arrested and banged up - Now that's what I call real Positive Action!

For further please click Police Recruitment And Positive Action


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