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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gay Police Association

I have just finished watching BBC news and I am ashamed.

If a member of the public was to report the picture displayed on the BBC news item to the police, the matter would have to be investigated.

I also think the Advertising Standards Authority would be interested in hearing the public's comments.

I'm surprised that it's only made one news channel so far, but then again, I suppose they chose the Bible for the ad because they knew the press and public's reaction would be that of indifference.

Had the advertisement displayed a picture of the Koran or any other faith's Holy Scriptures, I imagine there would have been protests outside local police stations up and down the country, and all network television coverage of the Gay Police Association's blunder.

It seems funny that a faith based on forgiveness and reconciliation has been targetted, when a more obvious choice would have been a religion that preaches extreme punishment for homosexuality.

One wonders what level the Gay Police Association will stoop to next, perhaps a image of an OAP being forced to participate in a march with 'pride'? It seems an obvious choice to me, the elderly are usually less accepting of 'modern' ways, they therefore need to be taught how to fully embrace and respect diversity!

As a white Anglo-Saxon male I feel down trodden enough by certain sections of the community just because I happen to be of indigenous male stock. Now the politically correct police are attacking my religion!

It seems funny that you seem allowed to belittle my faith at will, but woe betide me if I ever questioned your sexuality or your right to parade virtually starkers through our capital city.

I'm all for equality, best 'person' for the job, (done with two fingers in the air giving a shape of imaginary speach marks.) best of British, etc. But just because I'm from the silent majority, don't think for one second that I won't stand up to you when you attempt to stampede across my rights and beliefs.

We need the champions of common sense to act immediately. I beg Melanie Phillips and Archbishop Dr John Sentamu to speak out on our behalf.

I think renewed website hostilities may be on the horizon - Police Get Google Bombed.

Updated 18/10/06
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