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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stop Ronaldo Winning! (Whining)

As much as it pains me, I have accepted that my dream of England lifting the World Cup in 2006 was just a dream...... It wasn't prophetic.

It was wrong of me to suggest that you may get good luck by rubbing my head.

I also agree that my insistence in wearing exactly the same clothes for each England match (in order to channel my luck so England could continue in their match winning ways) was completely silly, it caused unnecessary 'washing strain' on my long suffering wife's daily house hold chore routine.

I am receiving counselling and I feel that I'm ready to move on with my life - Until the next major sporting tournament obviously!

Now then, not that I’m vindictive you understand, but I’ve just been sent the below via email.


There is a very real danger that Cristiano Ronaldo will be voted the fans' best young player at the World Cup despite his pouting, diving, and pretty boy antics designed mainly to get himself a lucrative transfer to Real Madrid, thus avoiding the good *!?!*!?!* he deserves from Wayne Rooney at Manchester United's training ground.

He is currently 1st in the FIFA voting table just ahead of Luis Valencia of Ecuador.

Please can everyone go to Stop Ronaldo Winning and do the decent thing by voting for Valencia. (When you get to the page Valencia is bottom left.)

It doesn't matter who you support, just stop Ronaldo by voting for Valencia.

It takes 30 seconds...

Pass the word on to your friends - You know it makes sense!


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