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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm Back...!

Ok, time to kick things off again.

Been away for a while, sorry but I all hope you understand my reasons.

New 'Baby Blues' is doing great... Thanks for the comments, emails etc.

To the person who repeatedly posted in the comment sections obscenities, piglet remarks, wishing my wife and newborn dies during child birth etc...


Slightly different when in a working environment, but personal attacks on my family are different. Like any 'normal' person I will defend them to the very last. I'd like to meet you, but then again; you're probably a tree hugging, banner waving, leftie coward, who couldn't be trusted to sit on the toilet the right way round.

Slither back to the hole you came from, go spend your time constructively, I don't want to disturb you whilst you carry on covering yourself in your own faeces, dancing naked and barking at the moon.

I've kept one of your comments on the post in question for all to see and to remind me why I love everything about 'The Filth', as you put it in one of your comments which I haven't allowed as it was just too offensive...

I'm sure one of my friends in the 'largest gang in the world' will be seeing you in a custody suite very, very soon my little sunshine - I hope you resist arrest, get 'well restrained' and are as vocal in real life as you are whilst hiding behind your keyboard!

As dear old Monthy Python would put it, "I fart in your general direction'.

Thank God the vast majority of the world is normal.

As for me, I'm tired...

Baby Blues was born at the beginning of March 2007. Mrs and Baby Blues are doing great, he's just started on solids. Mini Blues is well chuffed to have a 'brudder'.

To all the new generation of police bloggers - keep up the good work, post me a comment and include the link for your site when posting. I'll add you to my side bar. I'm so far behind with things, it'll take me ages to do justice research wise to the sites that have now picked up the torch.

Davy, nice to see you're still about. Read your book - it's a scream!

People who've taken offence to my Polish translation... No harm was meant, the post was a jest. The translation was provided by a free 'online' service. Take it up with them. Feel free to post 'real' translations in the relevant comment box.

I love Poles, as a country we did you a tremendous injustice at the end of WW2 and your brave fighter squadrons are mentioned with honour as being part of 'The Few'.

Please don't take something which was meant as a poke of fun at my Welsh friends, as being a slight on your good hardworking selves.

Other than that... Well there's so much to get on with...

Anyone fancy meeting up at Gatwick? I hear the end of platform 2 is a grrrreat place for lonely hearts!