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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adidas GSG9 Boots

Constructed for and named after Germany’s elite counter-terrorism and special operations GSG 9 der Bundespolizei. The GSG9 Adidas Boots are a specialist pair of boots.

The GSG9 first came in to existence after the tragedy in 1972 with several Israel Olympic athletes being kidnapped and killed by a Palestinian terrorist group. Germany sent in a task team who were un-equipped and untrained, after the embarrassment caused to Germany as a course of this they decide it was time to have a law enforcement agencies able to deal with these situations.

In conjunction with this Germany not only decided to have a new task force, but decided to have them equipped to the highest standards hence forth the Adidas GSG9.4 and GSG9.2 were born.

There boots were developed by world wide special forces and although initially designed for Germany’s special force, it’s heard that forces like the SAS use these boots.

The GSG9.4 is the small of the two with a 6inc ankle height which Features a waterproof, breathable leather upper and abrasion resistant inserts making it a superb tactical boot. Features include:

-ClimaProof upper with seam-sealed membrane for water-resistance and breathability

-3 Stripes saddle construction of abrasion-resistant adiTUFF material for superior midfoot support and protection

-Full-grain, leather upper with hydrophobic treatment for comfort and water-resistance

-Perforated collar provides additional breathability

-Large radius medial arch area for safe and precise rappelling maneuvers

-High abrasion-resistant wrap insert in arch area for safer and extremely effective braking control during ‘Fast Roping’ assaults, RopeAssaultProtection (RAP)

-High abrasion-resistant midfoot saddle construction provides midfoot support and durability

-Engineered, tactical outsole featuring Traxion outsole lugs for ultimate grip

-adiPRENE heel insert for comfort and shock absorption

-Ortholite inlay sole for comfort and perfect foot climate

-The Adidas GSG9 Range Fulfils anti-static Norm (DIN EN 344-1, 4.3.4)

-Also fulfils Oil and Gasoline resistant Norm (DIN EN ISO 20345, 20346, 20347)

The same boots also comes in a 8inc ankle height know as the GSG9.2


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