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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magnum Panther 8.0

When it comes to picking boots for me I have to make sure that I have the right boots for the right job. Not any old boot will do. When picking boots Magnums have always been at the top of my list, I used to wear the Magnum classic CEN boot and decided it was time for an upgrade. After much searching I came across the Magnum Panther 8.0 on a site called

When looking at the boots on their website and reading up on its specification:

The Hi-Tec Magnum Panther 8.0 is a professional boot offering superb grip, more stability, better movement control, more support and more traction at an economical price. The Panther 8 features a Compression moulded EVA midsole giving long lasting cushioning, it is stitched with Coats Barbour anti-fraying thread for extra durability. The cambrelle moisture wicking lining helps keep moisture away from your feet. It has padded top which gives extra comfort against the back of the heel. The durable supple Action leather and 900D Nylon Upper give support and has a Rubber Slip Resistant Outsole.

I thought this boot was too good to be true, so I took the risk by buying the boots and I’m glad I did. I wore the boots that very night, as I knew I was going to be on my feet for several hours and found them to still be comfortable by the end of the evening when going home and taking them off, I look forward to wearing them again. For those on their feet for several hours at time, these boots are the one for you. They look good, provide brilliant comfort and support. Whilst the boots design and construction allows your feet to breath. All of this for a brilliant price. Head to Patrolstore and take the risk I did, and it was worth it.


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