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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Belt Pouches

Now we all know how important your boots and vests are on a day to day basis, but I figured it was about time to have a chat about the more subtle things that makes your day easier as a police officer. Starting with Belt Pouches .

Police equipment such as a Belt Pouch are more than often overlooked by officers until they are out on patrol and realise that it's the final piece to their jigsaw.

Staying well organised is a strong tool for a police officer as you never want that moment when you can't remember what pouch your phone is tucked away in.

I find it is never a good idea to try and fit more into a pouch than it was made for so make sure you take into account all of the equipment that you're going to be carrying and then purchase accordingly.

The guys at Patrol Store have a good collection of belt pouches and they are the cheapest that I have found in the U.K


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