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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nothing to Say

My lack of posting is nothing to do with the fact that I have nothing to tell you. On the contrary, I have a lot, but unfortunately everything I want to write about is completely identifiable. I keep racking my brain to remember old stuff that I can probably share now, but as I’m getting older, once I’ve slept a couple of times I forget the lot :-)

Over the last few months I’ve been involved in some quite major incidents that have made national news, some really bizarre incidents that I guarantee won’t have happened anywhere else ever, and pretty much nothing that is boring or mundane. I’ve also been on the telly (albeit in pictures only - clearly visible with my round belly and grey hair giving instructions to other officers and looking all supervisor like - Ha Ha, I wish !). It has also meant that I’ve been working pretty much every hour that I haven’t been asleep, which is another reason why I’ve not been able to blog as much.

Tell you what I did find the other day, a police style forum board called which has some very interesting topics on about people wanting to join the job and what can they expect, how much equipment can they carry on their belts [ bless all of these youngsters, you see them at work Officer Tackleberry at your service Madam ]

Anyway I shall read a few more of the posts on this forum over the coming weeks and will report back on some of the interesting ones to make you smile.

Oh, and I've been poorly recently.... Man Flu, you know the sort I mean it's when a man really feel poorly but everyone else around you calls you names :-) As far as blogging about police stuff, I shall return very soon !


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