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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Police Roll Of Honour Trust

I've added a link to the Police Roll Of Honour Trust.

I've just spent a few moments reading through the citations for the last couple of years. It kind of puts things back into perspective.

Please take the time to visit the site and support their charitable work if you get the chance.

What the Police Roll Of Honour Trust is about:

The Trust was founded in 2000 after 20 years research into the Roll of Honour, paying tribute to some 4,000 United Kingdom police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty since the first recorded death of a Constable in 1680. We will ensure future losses are also recorded.

The Roll includes officers who have been killed or died on duty as a result of criminal acts, misadventure or accident, enemy action, natural causes and unknown causes. It commemorates their sacrifice in the public service and provides a focal point and visible means for family and friends to reflect on the loss of their loved ones and to know that their loss is not forgotten.

Through our authoritative archive of the subject we are able to provide information and advice to researchers and police forces, both to remember and honour our fallen officers and to increase knowledge and understanding of how fatalities occur to help promote officer safety.

Through our Police Family Membership and links with associated charities, we are able to provide access to care and support for bereaved families and friends of deceased officers.

Our aim is to remember both those who have died and those left behind and we particularly welcome contact from relatives of officers killed on duty.

The Trust researches and maintains the National Police Officers Roll of Honour for the UK Police Service. We provide the Roll of Honour for the annual National Police Memorial Day service and for the National Police Memorial built by the Police Memorial Trust in London. We have assisted with the Roll of Honour for the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC Garden of Remembrance and for the Scottish Police Memorial. We have also assisted with many Police Force Rolls and provided the Roll of Honour for the Metropolitan Police Book of Remembrance at Hendon.

Police Roll Of Honour Trust


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