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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Prison Compensation Culture

Who'd be a criminal in the UK?

Once again the UK's criminal justice system is the laughing stock of the entire world.

First we had the announcement of the criminal compensation plan - a plan by the soft on crime, tough on the fighters of crime party to reward foreign criminals who'd entered the UK illegally, and been unfortunate enough to get themselves nicked whilst victimising the beleaguered UK populace.

Now we've had the announcement that nearly 200 poor dear criminals who've had to give up drugs whilst in prison, are to receive £750,000 in compensation for being forced to go through 'cold turkey'. The prisoners had argued that the short, sharp detoxification treatment in prison was a breach of their human rights. I'm sure their crime victims are pleased about the compensation awarded to these scum bags by our judiciary.

Legal sources said all but two of the 197 claimants are believed to have agreed to the settlement for the 'pain and suffering' they were subjected to while serving their prison sentences without the aid of drug-withdrawal medication. The cases alleged the 'cold turkey' withdrawal treatment they were forced to undergo amounted to assault!

One wonders what kind of financial settlement the 'cold turkey two' are holding out for..? Perhaps the other 195 poor dears will be kicking themselves in a few months time... If only they'd had the willpower to hold out from visiting the nearest crack house with their windfall, they'd probably find that the government would have substantially increased their compensation!

Join me in calling for Justice For The 'Cold Turkey' Two!

Only recently the government has trumpeted the fact that street drug prices are on the increase due to police targeting of drug suppliers / dealers. Perhaps someone in government is working in cahoots with the dealers - flood the market with compensation rich druggies at a time when illegal drugs prices are at a record high price, share the profits... No it would never happen, it's about as likely as being awarded a gong for donating money to the labour party.

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