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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Police Performance

Police Performance Must Be Recognised

The Police Federation of England and Wales is calling on the Government to demonstrate their support for the Police Service.

The appeal follows the release of annual Home Office figures focussing on police performance across England and Wales which demonstrate a 2% drop in recorded crime.

The Federation claims that the dedication demonstrated by police officers appears to be paying off for the government today (24th October) but raises the question: Will these results ‘pay off’ for the hard working police officers across England and Wales?

These, the second annual police performance assessments, demonstrate significant improvements in investigative crime and an improvement in ‘victim satisfaction’.

But the police officers responsible for these excellent results are still waiting for the government to recognise their efforts by honouring longstanding pay arrangements.

Jan Berry, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales:

“The police performance assessment figures clearly demonstrate the effectiveness and dedication displayed by fully trained police officers throughout England and Wales in the face of increasing workloads, pressures and disappointment over the pay dispute.

Whilst I welcome Tony McNulty’s comments referring to real and sustainable improvements in police performance over the last four years, I would dispute the suggestion that the figures provide a clear picture of police performance.

Whilst I recognise the service must demonstrate performance, we must not discount aspects of policing that cannot easily be counted. The officers I represent are becoming increasingly frustrated by target chasing, form filling and number crunching at the expense of the professional police service.

We are calling on the Home Secretary to demonstrate his commitment to policing and recognise the commitment of police officers by honouring the longstanding pay agreement”

The above from a press release from the Police Federation.

Participate in the police pay discussion thread here - 3%? We'll be lucky.....

Lobby your MP and tell your colleagues to do the same here - Fair Pay For Police.

Police Pay Crisis End In Sight

Police Performance


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