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Friday, October 20, 2006

Baby Blues

Baby Blues

Been keeping this a secret, but Mrs Blues is pregnant and we've had our 22 week scan today.

Here's Baby Blues........

Mini Blues has been asking for a 'brodder' - he's not going to be disappointed!

Anyone that knows Mrs Blues and I will be aware of the trials and tribulations we've undergone trying for a baby before being 'blessed' with Mini Blues.

After five courses of IVF ICSI Mini Blues arrived in 2004.

Mrs Blues and I decided to try for a baby again this year so Mini Blues could at least have the chance of having a brother or sister close to him in age. After being checked and tested at the clinic, the IVF nurse told us that our stats appeared 'normal' (must be all that clean living!) this time round.

What-do-you-know, three weeks later Mrs Blues was preggers. So we now have one 'miracle of science' blues and one 'plain miracle' blues!

Baby 'Cough The Lots'



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