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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Isn't Poaching Illegal?

Isn't Poaching Illegal....?!

Just seen an advert for the Met's latest police transfer campaign.

The Met are at it again. Apparently they're so ‘important’ that officers from other forces should up sticks and move to the Smoke. They are even trying to entice previous Met defectors back.

They are being a little picky, though - they refer to PSNI and Scottish forces as ‘Non-Approved’ and would require transferees from these forces to undergo full initial training again!

Seems pretty ridiculous if you’ve been a PC in Glasgow for a few years or a detective in Northern Ireland to assume that you need such basic training all over again.

Apart from certain legal differences, is policing the Scots in Glasgow any different from policing the Scots (or Turks, or Chinese or Asians etc etc) in the Met’s ‘most exciting city’?

They're even promoting and taking advantage of the fact that coppers in London earn considerably more than colleagues working in surrounding forces - Even though the house prices in the surrounding counties are at least as expensive as house prices in London.

For further check out Met Police Transfers


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