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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stop Search Racism Claim

Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei is once again in the news, this time commenting on the recent report Drugs Arrest Study Sparks Racism Claim on the behalf of the NBPA.

To read Ali Dizaei's comment click NBPA Stop Search Comment.

Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei has generated a rather heated reply from one of the 'analysts' responsible for compiling the stop search report in question. The final paragraph of which reads:

Battling drugs and racism is good; recruiting ignorance, myth and its inevitable spawn of grievance and ill-will, is not.

To read this reply in full click Interpretation Of Drugs Figures Challenged.

There's also an interesting discussion on the police forum on the same subject.

This follows Ali Dizaei's comment regarding anti-terrorism powers creating an offence of travelling whilst Asian which was as equally 'well received' at grass roots policing level!

For further on this check Genetic Profiling.


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