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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


PoliceCouldYou - Sounds a bit like a Fast Show 'Suits You' Tailors sketch with the two Kens.

"Ooooh.... Kenneth, police could you?"
"Ooooh.... Ken, police would you?"
"Ooooh.... Kenneth, police should you?"
"Ooooh.... Was sir with a lady last night....?"
"Ooooh.... Suits you sir!"

I mean come on, surely this is a professional 'uniform' standards or health and safety issue?

Even if there was any truth in the allegation of discrimination, which we'll never find out now due to this being settled out of court, why not just enforce regulations concerning correct attire for all males and females whilst on duty?

Call me old fashioned, but I don't see how a male officer wearing earrings, or a female officer wearing 'large loopy' earrings can give a 'professional' corporate image, when dealing with members of the public.

Whilst we're on a policecouldyou theme though, it seems funny that PCSOs have slipped in between Police Officers and Police Specials on the official site. Won't be long at this rate until it leapfrogs Police Constables into pole position.

Police Would You
Police Should You
Police Could You

How To Become A Police Officer

"Ooooh.... Kenneth, policecouldyou?"


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