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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Police Work To Rule

Police may work to rule a news item published on The Observer that I haven't seen getting much press elsewhere.

The police may work to rule unless the government comes up with an 11th-hour pay offer this week. A failure by both sides to reach a settlement would seriously damage relations between the police and the Home Office and prompt accusations that public protection is being put at risk because of budget constraints.

Normally Britain's 160,000 police receive an automatic pay rise linked to inflation. The deal is agreed at the Police Negotiating Board between the 'staff side', representing the police, and the 'official side', for the government.

But to the dismay of the Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, the official side looks as if it will reject the deal for the first time since the formula was introduced 28 years ago.

'I can see 160,000 police officers becoming very angry over this situation,' said Jan Berry, the federation's chair.

The pay formula was established because police are barred from going on strike.

But Berry warned they could still make their grievances felt. There have been suggestions of a mass march on Whitehall, which would bring unwanted publicity for the Home Office at a time when the Home Secretary, John Reid, is keen to be seen turning the beleaguered department around. 'The police could opt to work to rule which would be counterproductive for justice,' Berry said. 'The one public service you have always been able to rely upon was the police.'

Police pay is subject to the Edmund-Davies agreement which states:
"In common with all those who submitted evidence for our consideration, this Committee is satisfied that the absence of the right to strike is a serious deprivation for any worker. It is essential that the police should not suffer in pay because they are deprived of the right to strike, and that it should be put beyond doubt that they are being paid fairly."

Police pay is linked to a survey commissioned by the Police Negotiating Board (PNB) entitled ‘Pay Awards for Non-Manual Employees outside Public Services Sector’. The survey measures pay movements to 7 June each year and police pay is linked to Median increase in total pay.

The negotiating board found that non-manual employees outside of the public sector 'enjoyed' a 3 per cent pay increase to 7 June 2006. This is the same percentage increase request that 'staff side' has put to the 'offical side' on behalf of UK police officers.

Seems strange that the 'official side' is trying to wriggle out of this agreement for the first time in over 28 years.

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