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Friday, July 21, 2006

Police Horse

Whilst you're out and about sunning yourself in the UK's heatwave, spare a thought for 'Sunny' the albino police horse, who's 'riding out' the unusually hot weather by having up to 30 bottles of suncream applied everyday.

Humberside Police horse "Sunny", has a rare genetic condition which means that he has no melanin and therefore little or no pigmentation to protect him from the sun.

Mounted officers put out an Internet appeal for help to get Sunny through the heatwave. A pharmacy donated five gallons of factor 50 lotion in huge drums.

"We have been so worried about Sunny, especially now the temperature is soaring," a police spokeswoman said.

For further details check Police horse rides heatwave with sun cream.

Being a blond haired freckle face, I know how he feels. Suncream, collar up, long sleeves and a large hat is the usual clothing order of the day for me!


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