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Friday, July 14, 2006

Why Are Uniforms Considered Sexy?

Just been sent the following press release from Uniform Dating - It made me smile!

You can't move on the net without seeing their ads or in any local emergency service's 'staff' room without seeing one of their posters.
I think they all must be ex-Met!


The question, “What is it that makes a ‘man in uniform’ so attractive to some women? Or on the flip side, a ‘woman in uniform’ so attractive to some men?” was something during my early days as a young single police officer that I took complete advantage of without actually caring about!

I didn't want to know a scientific reason as to why all these pretty girls who wouldn't have usually taken a second glance at me, suddenly started flirting and thrusting telephone numbers into my hands the moment I donned my uniform and walked out of the police station. All I knew was that I no longer struggled getting a date organised for the weekend, the fact that most of these ‘relationships’ never progressed past first base didn’t seem to matter at the time.

Fortunately for me it wasn't long before I met the woman of my dreams who got me on the 'straight and narrow' and who also incidentally is a nurse. (Perhaps I'm also attracted to a woman in uniform?)

I think that this question was a major deciding factor in the research, design and creation of Uniform Dating a couple of years ago. Even if the ‘attraction’ question can never be fully answered. On a plus point however, Uniform Dating is owned and operated by mainly ex-emergency service personnel so at least they understand and relate to their target audience.

The site idea basically follows on from 'real world' emergency service parties, which until recently used to play a major part in any single uniformed or emergency service person's life.

These parties used to be on a strict invite only basis for non-uniformed people – in fact it was not unusual to be accosted by members of the opposite sex outside a nightclub running these events, in the hope of you giving them usage of your ‘plus one’ ticket allowance!

I say recently, due to the fact that unfortunately numerous emergency services’ accommodation blocks, nurses’ quarters or police section houses have been closed due to Government forced budget cuts. There are therefore now, aside from loitering outside your local police station, hospital, fire station or army barracks etc, only a few places a ‘non-uniformed’ person can frequent in the hope of nabbing a date with a person in uniform!

From a 'uniformed services' personnel point of view, uniformed professions seem to have a higher than average divorce / split up rate when compared to other professions. Generally once the attraction of the uniform wears off, the unprepared soon grow tired of the weird shift patterns and the reality that most people working in uniform appear to be 'married to the job' first. This is due mainly to strict work discipline codes, which also govern their time off, as well as the fact that most uniformed people treat their job as a vocation, rather than a ‘food on the table’ means to an end.

The most successful relationships I know of amongst my ex-peers in uniform are usually down to the other partner working in some kind of uniformed environment themselves, or the non-uniformed partner being accepting of the day-to-day work pressures placed on their man or woman in uniform. Generally having a bad day at work these days is nothing like a ‘bad day’ at work whilst I was a police officer, for obvious reasons.

It’s not fun working long unsociable shift patterns, and it’s certainly no fun for the partner of a uniformed emergency shift worker waiting for the safe return of their loved one night after night.

In short, if you’re attracted to people in uniform, please also ensure that you’re prepared for the reality of dating someone in uniform after the initial attraction ‘buzz’ has worn off!

Press Release By Di Davies.
Press Liaison
Uniform Dating


Well there you have it.......!

If you're serious about dating someone in uniform, for goodness sake check out Uniform Dating.


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