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Police Equipment

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Police Vehicles

There has always been a perception that Bobbies whiz around in top of the range cars on blues and two’s most of the day.

Let me set the record straight. Only the Traffic bods and Armed Response get the Super Gucci kit.

The ones at the sharp end, us Panda Pushers who deal with the 95% of non-headline, text message, you know the stuff, he said she said crime that PC Blues and who also deals with get no such luxury (although I have often wondered what is glamorous about a old man’s Volvo at times).

I am often asked if Police vehicles are modified to go faster, and I always say yes. This is sort of true, in the same way that many hire cars have the arse thrashed out of them by a succession of people getting their moneys worth. Standard Police cars get the same treatment, for 24 hours every day, 7 days every week.

It is often hard to tell if the vehicle is a diesel or petrol they all sound the same when they rattle. The standard checks each week (cough) that get done, turn up allsorts of unsavoury items, knives & drugs being favourites.

Empty bottles of pop, empty crisp packets, I’ve even known for someone to have left some milk in the boot before today, which no one found for a week, until it spilt having been around the block a few times. There is never any loose change though.

There will be a shift scrimmage to get the “best” car first, with keys being handed onto mates on the next shift at changeover and grumbling for the losers. Management meetings are forever announcing fleet reviews and reducing the numbers of patrol cars due to budget constraints or complaining about the damage caused where no one has owned up to causing it.

Ah well, all is not bad at least they don’t ration us on the miles we can clock up per shift, which they did if only for a short time a few years back to save money !