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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Police Blogger Affiliate Programs

Police Related Blogger or Webmaster Affiliate Programs

If you're able to use alternative registration details or comply with regulations regarding second incomes in some other way, then they're several police affiliate programs that are suitable for police webmasters or police bloggers.

Uniform Dating - Pays 50% on full member paying transactions. Look for the link bottom right named partnership if the above doesn't take you to the correct sign-up page. We've all seen Uniform Dating posters around, why not earn a little cash referring people to them directly!

Really Fab Jobs - Allows the creation of a 'white label' jobs site. You can create a site specific to the police, military, security etc industry. If you can do a little html, you can add google ads to the template and generate an additional income stream. This is also a really good way to create 'useful' topic specific content for your site - Do a post a week on current suitable job vacancies matching your site's target audience. You earn 50% on advertiser payments, so if you've got a busy site this can be fairly lucrative!

HowToBecome - Pays 50% on referred 'How To' guide purchases. You earn £4.50 every time you sell a guide such as How To Become A Police Officer. This is a brand new police webmaster affiliate program, launched by a company who've just won the HSBC Business Start-Up Awards.

Obviously there's Google Adsense and Amazon as well.

If you want free police content for your police related website then you can use the following police RSS feeds. You'll probably need a RSS news reader.

Police News :
Police Jobs :


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