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Police Equipment

Friday, September 30, 2011


Police Belts

When buying equipment it’s important to make sure that you buy the right tools for the right job. When looking at Police Belts there are many different styles to choose from, all designed for different jobs. For example the Op.Zulu Professional Duty Belt with 3 Point Buckle is designed with the police force in mind. The Belt it self features a high density polymer core to give a better fit and eliminate ‘rolling’ of the belt’s edges which cheaper nylon models suffer from, also designed to take all pouches for 2” duty belts, the Op. Zulu Duty Belt is compatible with all issue and non-issue belt equipment. But what makes this belt so effective within that type of work force is the 3 point buckle system which is tactically positioned to reduces the risk of the belt being removed by a third party as it requires precision operation with two hands to release.

When working the beat you may be expected to run a little which can become very difficult at time with the wrong type of police belt you mind find your Police belt bouncing all over the place and with the risk of you buckle coming loose. If you find this is you then take a chance with the PWL Velcro Inner Belt. This fantastic bit of kit goes under the belt loops of your trouser like a normal belt now any duty belt with a corresponding Velcro inner can then go over the top, causing them to cling together. This not only stops your belt from bouncing around in pursuit but if your buckle comes lose your belt will be held in place long enough for you to do it back up again.

When buying a Police Belt it’s good to have all the specifics you can get to make sure that you don’t have to work around your belt but that your belt works around you. So why not head down to Patrol Store where there are great selections of Police Belts with all the specs you need to make sure that you get the right Belt for the right job.