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Friday, May 17, 2013

5.11 Tactical

One of the top brands for tactical kit and equipment is 5.11; they are a very popular brand for security, police, army as well as fishing fanatics and hunters. They offer a wide range of products such as boots, different types of trousers, shirts, jumpers, coats, belts, bags, headgear and many other accessories. Not only is the variety of products huge the quality of all the items are designed to be high and long lasting even in tough environments.

The different types of trousers range between; light weights, the usual tactical and the heavy duty pants. The tdu taclites are designed to be a cool and lightweight material which does not affect the quality; they are still heavy duty rip stop materials which won’t lose their colour either. The stryke pants with the flex tac have the highest durability of their range of trousers and they are extremely breathable due to the design of the material used. 5.11 have also incorporated their poly/cotton ripstop material into these trousers with a flexible non spandex fabric to allow the trousers to be hard wearing, soil and stain as well as fade resistant. These trousers are the ultimate quality for people who need kit that lasts under hard-hitting environments which could tear and stain other brands of pants.

The 5.11 Equipment range is also extensive and they have a large market base in selling tactical and police bags that are used in many different roles. Most famously they have created bags of different shapes and sizes made out of resilient fabric for multiple uses. They have the rush bags which are backpacks covered in molle so that many items and pouches can be attached. 5.11 also do kit bags which include many compartments and heavy duty straps.

Coats and jackets are also a top product for the company as they have developed superiority materials which are weatherproof and waterproof. Their sabre jacket is one of the most stylish and durable jackets they do and rises above most of the other brands in this market.

People trust 5.11 quality because of the reputation they have built over the years of developing tactical kit, it is hard to beat and if you want clothing, bags or even tactical torches that are durable, long lasting and dependable; then 5.11 is the one to buy. 


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