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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Red Guns

When looking for training weapons look no further than the ASP Red guns. With an over whelming amount of models to choose from ranging from the Sig 229 / 228 to the AK.47 What makes the ASP Red guns so brilliant for use is that they are the exact size and weight of the real gun this obviously has a great positive effect when training with this Red gun.

It allows the trainee to get used to handling the weapon as if it was real.

ASP has also introduced the Red Gun Taser. As before the taser replicated to the exact size and weight of the real thing. This helps an officer get used to the weight of it on his equipment belt, and also a safe means on disarming someone with the weapon.

All guns have been coloured to a Brick Red colour to show not only to the people using these items but also to members of the public that they are only replicas and are deemed safe.

Exclusive to the ASP training guns are guaranteed to make a brilliant addition to any trainee’s arsenal.



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