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Police Equipment

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Police Equipment

As you've probably noticed over the last couple of posts; I have been emphasising the importance of choosing the right police equipment. Everything from the socks you put on in the morning to your jimmy jams at night Patrol Store seems to have it covered with their police equipment catalogue (well maybe not your jimmy jams).

I often find when shopping for police equipment that you go in looking for one item and come out with a handful. Equipment that you forget you need stare you in the face and you can't help but buy them! I think they call it impulse buying! And over the past few visits to Patrol Store we have realised what suckers we are for it.

But are we complaining.... Most certainly not! We've picked up some great deals on police equipment along the way, and with the lowest price guarantee that they offer we are safe in the knowledge that we cannot get our hands on this gear any cheaper elsewhere.

So here's the deal; I'm going to list our personal favourite police equipment that we have ordered in the past and why we would recommend them;

Police Boots - Magnum Panther 8.0 Side Zip - Fastly becoming the most popular boot within police forces around the UK. Comfortable, Affordable and will last you about 5 years if looked after.

Police Gloves - Safe Search Puncture Resistant Gloves - Good quality slash resistant gloves. Good price on a good product.

Patrol Belts - Viper Security Belt Patrol System - Has every kind of holder you can imagine such as mobile, glove, torch, handcuff, notebook etc.

Bags and Cases - Endurance Multi-Use Kit Bag - 150 Litre versatile bag which is ideal for extended trips or where you have a lot of operational kit to carry.

Police Torches - Op Zulu Tactical Torch - This torch offers unbeatable brightness, run time and durability at a great price.

Hopefully this is useful advice for anyone in a muddle about what to buy.


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