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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Labour - Soft On Crime

New Labour Are They Really Soft On Crime?

For those of you keen to keep up on this kind of thing, I'm pleased to announce that the Labour Party can be found in number one position again in Google for the search phrase soft on crime.

Soft on crime has seen some movement over the last few months as far as The Labour Party and Google search results are concerned. With the number one position being jockeyed for by several contenders!

As I write the Labour Party website can be found in the following search positions under the search term soft on crime...

Google - 1st place
Google UK - 1st place
Yahoo - 9th place
Yahoo UK - 1st place
MSN - 2nd place
MSN UK - 2nd place

There's bound to be some further movement over the next few weeks as the labour party try to improve their soft on the causes of crime image.

Thanks to all who've kept the faith..!

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