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Friday, November 03, 2006

Still No Gong For DC Oake

Dorset Police Federation Chairman Clive Chamberlain, has sent back his Long Service and Golden Jubilee medals to Tony Blair in disgust.

Writing for the Police Federation magazine Police, Mr Chamberlain said: "The failure of this government to truly recognise Stephen's bravery is an insult to both him, his family, friends and colleagues and will be an irremovable stain on the Prime Ministership of Tony Blair. It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding for what he gave and I believe those responsible for the decision should be named.

"This is a gross injustice and it is clear that there is no willingness to reconsider. I know that I will no longer feel proud or comfortable wearing my Long Service or Jubilee Medals and so have decided to send them to the Prime Minister as a mark of my disgust."

Back in February 2006 I wrote on this subject and quoted DC Stephen Oake's father, who at the time was being asked by the press to comment on DC Oake not being posthumously awarded a George Cross for bravery in tackling an al-Qaeda suspect.

His father Robin said: "He would not have wanted any recognition, he was doing it for his colleagues." He added: "Certainly his bravery needed some recognition and he got that of course at the Old Bailey trial. At the end of the day, as a Christian man, Steve's reward is in heaven."

At the time this case was even more controversial as the whole government 'cash for honours' scandal was just coming to light, with any 'joe' with enough money to donate to the labour party seemingly being awarded knighthoods and the like.

The problem being now is that if DC Stephen Oake is posthumously awarded the George Cross by the government, this will just be seen as bowing to police pressure.

Perhaps if DC Oake had been 'good enough' to have donated money to the labour party, prior to being killed in the line of duty whilst arresting an al-Qaeda suspect, this matter would have been looked at in an entirely different light? Instead he was 'just' a copper, doing his duty protecting the public and his colleagues from the illegal acts of terrorism in our great nation.

The George Cross, (which may be awarded posthumously) is granted in recognition of "acts of the greatest heroism or of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger."

Shame on you Tony Blair.

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