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Monday, October 23, 2006

Police Pay Negotiations

Police Pay Negotiations

On 18th October the independent Police Arbitration Panel met to consider submissions from both the Staff Side and Official Side of the Police Negotiating Board (PNB). The decision of the panel is binding on both sides of PNB and then goes to the Home Secretary for ratification.

Police Federation of England and Wales Chairman, Jan Berry, says:

"It is beyond belief that with growing numbers of police officers being assaulted and fearing for their lives against the blade, the gun and terrorist attacks, we find ourselves for the first time in 27 years with our annual pay arrangement not being honoured. We’re not being greedy, as we are not asking for any more than other groups of workers got a year ago. Also, our pay arrangement reflects the unique status of police officers; we are accountable for our actions both on and off duty and we cannot take industrial action."

Calling on the Home Secretary Mrs Berry added:

"Together with our colleagues of all ranks throughout the UK, we took this to an independent police arbitration panel who will give their verdict in the coming weeks. We accept their ruling is binding on us. Today you have the opportunity to give us an assurance that you will honour their independent judgment. So, come on Mr Reid, don’t just tell us you respect us, show us you do and assure us you will honour the decision."

For further on this Police Federation press release click Police Pay.

The police pay dispute forum thread - 3%? We'll Be Lucky..... has some interesting comments.

Morek54 : Fighting talk from the federation - but they've allowed the erosion of Police Officers pay and conditions for some considerable time now, so such a declaration is perhaps a mute point. It certainly is debatable whether current pay does in fact remotely reflects the dangers, responsibility, accountability and restrictions to the personal lives of Police Officers in the first place - but above and beyond all else, I think this demonstrates just how undervalued we have now become.

Duffers Drift : Come on over to the Colonies. Some Toronto police constables, including no doubt a spot of the old overtime, made over $100K last year (50K in Sterling.) A policeman's lot over here is quite a lot.

Penbwlch : I have no knowledge of any actual work to rule. I have heard the idea suggested on many occasions, though. The only thing I remember working was a threat (by the Welsh forces, IIRC) to strike in the late 1970s. This was prior to an election and the Labour govenment held a review and offered a large pay increase, to be implemented at a future time. The Labour party lost the election and Margaret Thatcher came to power. One of her first acts was make the pay award immediately effective.I believe that the unrest and threat of strike action from police did not help the Labour party at the polls. I wonder if they learn from history?

tony_w : A Leopard never changes/loses it spots - just look back on the history of police pay and conditions! Now they are weakening your position by having PCSO's, Civilian Investigators, Traffic Enforcement (?) Officers, and so on - You are now in a catch 22 situation with nowhere to go! (They will play one off against the other - the Federation needs some radical thinking to be done like tieing up with NARPO who can shout and do a few things the Fed. can't and so on!)

Truncheon : The last time I remember any 'work to rule' being enforced was by the 'brass' themselves when EPIC was introduced in the early 90's. How many Met bods can remember with fondness EPIC's catch phrase of, 'Good Evidence Takes Time'? Time stamped IRB's, MG's and all that marlarkey. Must use single sheets when writing out statements because of Esda testing etc. Hordes of coppers off the streets doing IRB's and MG11's because they'd driven past the scene and glimpsed an arrest being made. 'Must do a statement because I saw it too sarge, that's the rules, I'll break them if you want, but could you just sign my pocket book to that effect.....?!' It ground to a halt then, not because of vindictiveness, but because most of us got scared about being involved in another (at the time) high level case based on the quality of police evidence. What it actually prooved though, is that if we all do everything we're supposed to do paperwork wise, the system will ground to a halt. It's the only weapon coppers have at their disposal when dealing with a government hell bent on breaking the Edmund-Davies agreement for the first time in over 28 years. The Home Office wants a deal linked to a commitment by forces to modernise, a demand that has infuriated the Police Federation. 'I can see 160,000 police officers becoming very angry over this situation,' said Jan Berry, the federation's chair.

M-square : We in the police service are no longer seen as a special case and that we are no different to any other labour market....... Yeah Right -my wife does not get kept on duty at short notice or have her working patterns changed for oprational purposes.She does not have the possibility of being assaulted or threatened with a knife/gun when going about her work.She does not have mounds of paperwork and CPS requests that border on the ridiculous. Her Union actively strives for aliving wage.Our wages are not keeping pace with living standards. Fuel is nearly a pound a litre, heating in the form of gas and electricity has gone up or is about to rise depending on your service provider by 20%Council tax has risen beyound the rate of inflation and is set to go up by 6% and to cap it all the interest rate has now gone up and possibly will need to rise again as a control measure or infaltion. I use my wife as an example for she works or a local authority who realsie that that the care of the employee is not just talk. Our federation needs to actively argue for an increase of 10% on our pay as all good negotiators know this will come down. 3% is not a reasonable rise and to be informd we may not even get this is an insult. We all need to send e-mails to our federation reps and ask exactly what they are doing about this insult.... I for one have had enough of being in a service that is knocked down when it comes to pay and condiions yet when the politicians need to boost their standing we are portrayed as the thin blue line that keeps the public safe.It is not unreasonable to be able to pay your bills and have enough to live on is it?

It goes on and on..... Check out the forum thread - 3%? We'll Be Lucky..... for more!

PC Copperfield posted a great video clip of why the police are worth every penny of the 3% pay rise requested - 3% Anyone.....?

I'm looking out for John Reid's statement of support.

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