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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Police Bags

Once you’ve bought your kit your going to need a place to put it all. You need a Police Kit Bag. Picking a bag may be harder then you think with so many different styles coupled with technical jargon out there I wasn’t sure what bag was right for me. After much searching looking on various different sites and stores I went on to, Although they had around 26 different styles on police kit bags there clear labeling and informative descriptions enabled me to bag a bargain. The hardest part was picking between my personal favorites. The bags that stood out for me were the Op Zulu Duty Kit Bag, the Op Zulu Patrol Bag and the 5.11 Patrol Mission Ready Bags.

The Op.Zulu Duty Kit Bag stood out for me simply because of the price and size of the bag; it’s a 55 litre kit bag with 5 outside pockets/compartments, with 4 more pockets/ compartments on the inside along with a main compartment that has a divider with it enabling you to separate your kit if needed. The bag also has a Duraflex handle I know that the benefits with this is you have a handle which is more comfortable to carry and more durable. The finished build quality on the bag impeccable with no loose stitching, highly secured zips, padded sides and so much more.

Its little brother bag the Op. Zulu Police Patrol Bag is 19 litres less, made with the same outstanding quality. The divider is padded and uses “T” end pieces for attachment. Unlike cheaper “L” constructions used by the competition the “T” construction provides more secure attachment and prevents bowing of the divider. The bag it self is made from specially selected fabrics the Patrol Bag is both light weight and durable with a neat and professional appearance. The design concepts and components used in the construction of the Op. Zulu Patrol Police Bag really set this bag apart from its rivals.

It’s true what they say about Op.Zulu: Don’t Compromise.

The 5.11 Patrol Ready Kit Bags is a 30 litre kit bag. This is a perfect example of small and mighty. Its design and construction was created so the bag remains compact and lightweight while being highly durable. The bag has a water bottle pocket, thermos/torch pockets, baton loops and an internal organiser panel in the lid. It features a loop-side panel so you can attach patches and has a transparent ID/business card window. With this practically designed bag you’ll always be ready for duty.


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