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Friday, July 21, 2006

Man Given Jill Dando Award For Bravery

A delivery driver who was stabbed eight times as he single-handedly tackled armed robbers has picked up the Jill Dando Award.

Anthony Crompton, 22, from Skelmersdale, was presented with a bronze rose, named after the flower that bears Jill's name, at the annual Police Federation / The Sun Police Bravery Awards.

Mr Crompton popped to a local garage to buy a bottle of Coke when he saw a shop assistant being threatened by a masked gunman behind the till while another held an assistant at knife-point.

Mr Crompton tackled both men and during the struggle managed to de-mask them. He was struck around the head with the handgun and stabbed him eight times - with one stab wound puncturing his lung.

Despite his injuries, Anthony chased the offenders when they fled but could not understand why he was unable to catch them.

‘When the police arrived five minutes later I told them I had to try and slow my breathing to catch my breath. I didn't realise I had a punctured lung.’

To read the full article click Police Federation / The Sun Police Bravery Award.

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