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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ANPR Cameras May Breach RIPA

According to this report police and other number plate cameras may breach RIPA.

Sir Andrew Leggatt, Chief Surveillance Commissioner, urged ministers in Edinburgh and London to bring forward legislation swiftly to ensure the equipment is in line with privacy laws and police are not prevented from using the cameras to provide evidence in court.

The article initially published in The Scotsman, goes on to say that the camera technology, which alerts officers when a suspect number plate passes before a camera, is used by police forces across the UK to spot stolen cars and untaxed or uninsured drivers as well as vehicles believed to have been used in crime.

Sir Andrew Legatt described them (ANPR) as "very effective in crime reduction" and "a prime example of intelligence-led policing" but he warned that there was a danger they might be challenged in court under human rights legislation.

In his annual report, before both the Scottish Parliament and Westminster, Sir Andrew urged ministers to amend the law on both sides of the border to make sure the evidence from the cameras is not challenged in court.

According to the Metropolitan Police's annual report for 2005-6, ANPR teams in London supported 80 operations in the last 12 months involving gun-related crime alone, leading to 259 arrests for offences including offensive weapons, assault, burglary and immigration irregularities.

In Scotland they have been very successful in catching motorists without valid tax discs.

The article is fairly lengthy but if this kind of thing interests you click ANPR May Breach RIPA.


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