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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wasting Police Time

Pc Copperfield's book is now available on Amazon.

It's titled Wasting Police Time - The Crazy World of the War on Crime.

PC DAVID COPPERFIELD is an ordinary bobby quietly waging war on crime... when he’s not drowning in a sea of paperwork, government initiatives and bogus targets.

'WASTING POLICE TIME' is his hilarious but shocking picture of life in a modern British town, where teenage yobs terrorise the elderly, drunken couples brawl in front of their children and drug-addicted burglars and muggers roam free.

PC Copperfield reveals how crime is spiralling while millions of pounds in tax is frittered away, and reveals a force which, crushed under mad bureaucracy, is left desperately fiddling the figures.

His award-winning internet diary, Coppersblog, attracted rave reviews for its dry wit from The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph; The Mail on Sunday featured it across three full pages. It's also banned by most police forces - just accessing the blog is a disciplinary offence. Copperfield brings the same incisive, acid humour to bear in 'Wasting Police Time'.

The Home Secretary won't like it, and nor will Copperfield's Chief Constable, but a million serving and retired police officers and millions of ordinary Britons will be left nodding in agreement.

If you're fed up with Tony Blair's bogus war on crime, and you want the truth - with added laughs - this book is for you.

Wasting Police Time - The Crazy World of the War on Crime is now available on Amazon - Pre-order now and save £1.60 on shop prices.


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