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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prison Officers Strike Vote

Prison officers vote to strike?

With only a handful of votes left to be counted, nearly 15,000 members have backed industrial action and 2,400 voted against, the Prison Officers' Association have said.

The 29,000-strong union balloted members in 132 public sector prisons across England and Wales.

POA National Chairman Colin Moses said: "What we now see is clear interference in the pay review body and a 1.6% pay award imposed in April this year. Our members have taken a pay cut. Prison officers are incensed and their morale is at an all-time low."

Finlay Spratt, Chairman of the POA in Northern Ireland said prison officers had seen the value of their pay fall around 5% over the last three years.

"The least we expect is for pay to keep in line with inflation," he said. "Prison officers do a very dangerous job and it is time society stood up and said this isn't good enough."

Hmmm.... Low morale, wage agreement not met by the Government, talk of 'industrial' action. I wonder how many other public sector professions the Government are going to 'upset' this year, or will it be just those working in a 'justice' environment?

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