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Friday, October 06, 2006

Essex Police News

Police News - Officers Insult Colleagues On Police Website.

Essex Police have been in the news again this week. Officers Insult Colleagues On Police Website is an article published in the Essex Chronicle on the 5th October 2006.

The article refers to a long running police forum post on Police Oracle (Essex Police - What A Mess!) which to date has had 1833 posts and has been viewed 99462 times.

Essex police have released a statement part of which reads :

"Although Police Oracle has been anonymous, inaccurate and misleading, we have carefully considered every claim and we have asked all senior managers to seek feedback from their staff to ensure if there are issues of substance they will be addressed."

As a member of the police oracle forum, I cannot understand how Essex Police can claim posts on the police forum are are inaccurate or misleading. The majority of these posts (if you're 'in the know') are obviously being made by people working within the policing environment. Yes they're anonymous posts, but how else can those expected to live and work by draconian discipline codes speak out when something is obviously so 'wrong' with the service they love? They've even set up an alternative forum topic of Essex Police - How to put it right?

Perhaps Essex Police and Mr Baker should consider the phrase "Don't shoot the messenger" when dealing with criticism of their management style!?

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