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Friday, October 21, 2005

Police Get 'Google' Bombed

Whilst researching the subject of Google Bombs for a police forum I'm particularly fond of, I discovered that the police themselves have become victims of so called 'Google Bombing'!

If you type
liar into Google UK, (click the radio button for a UK search under 'I'm feeling lucky'.) you'll see Tony Blair for the search term liar comes in at number one.

Interestingly coming in at a respectable number three under the search term liar is the Met Police online biography of Commissioner Sir Ian Blair!

To make matters worse, a spoof website True Vision has been launched by Christians in the UK in response to the Google Bomb 'ignorant bigots', which now returns the official page of Christian Voice, a Christian organisation.

The official 'True Vision', launched in May 2004, and is aimed at improving the service the police provide to lesbian, gay, bisexual and minority communities. 23 different police forces have joined together to provide a single self-reporting and information pack together with an on-line facility that allows the reporting of hate crime directly to the police.

Fortunately after having their little joke at the police's expense the unofficial version of True Vision does go on to direct any potential visitors back to the official True Vision Hate Crime website.


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