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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Last Friday in the The Guardian there was an interesting article regarding a new breed (or perhaps rank) of police officer - The SuperCop.

This is part of a radical blueprint proposed by the Surrey Chief Constable, Bob Quick.

The proposal would also allow private-sector professionals with valuable transferable skills, such as financial institution fraud investigators, direct entry up to Superintendent level, skipping the present two-year probation and progression through the ranks.

Short-term contracts, which favour modern "portfolio careers", would also enable the police to make best use of outside talent.

Apparently pilot schemes in several forces, including his own, indicate the plan could increase efficiency by a fifth.

Chief Constable Bob Quick also says it would enable detectives to solve 20% more crimes at no extra cost. Members of the public will no doubt be asking why 20% more crimes aren't being solved anyway - Do officers need extra cash incentives before commencing crime investigations?

Mr Quick apparently uses the analogy of a football club which wants to make best use of a combination of promising players from its own youth teams, ie police recruits, and big name transfers, who may come in at a higher level, or leapfrog several ranks. "It's about attracting and rewarding the brightest and the best," he says.

Perhaps Chelsea football club's training ground relocating to leafy Surrey has caused a few problems for Mr Quick? Chelski, Surreyski, Arrestski, Policeski, La-Laski.......!

More of a concern to rank and file, is the paragraph regarding direct entry of Super Cops, (with no previous policing experience.) up to the rank of Superintendent level.

The current accelerated promotion structure, which can see officers with a pointless degree in some 'ology or other promoted to the level of Inspector within four years of joining is bad enough, but this just takes the biscuit!

Are we destined to have a senior managers who've spent no, or very little time working at the 'coalface'?

Do the public want a police service run by people who've never made an arrest, never had to deal with a drunk, delivered a death message, rescued a lost child, helped an old lady across the road, investigated a crime? You know, the kind of skills that can only be gained by putting on your 'top hat', mixing with members of the community, communicating with 'real' people, getting your hands dirty. The kind of interpersonal skills that can't be taught in a classroom?

Before long we'll have senior executives running police stations, just like our colleagues in the NHS. According to my sources, the average NHS nurse is well pleased with the current hospital management structure!


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