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Friday, May 12, 2006

I Hate

The below was posted on the police forums today.
I'd love to pretend that it was written by me, but it wasn't!

I Hate
I hate the politicians that call themselves police officers.

I hate being called a racist.

I hate the fact that the public want us to turn up in seconds and then moan when they see us breaking the speed limit.

I hate the paperwork and the endless duplication of information.

I hate the “just out of probation” trainee detective constable teaching me to suck eggs.

I hate the PC’s that are too scared to do the job who hide in offices like the Management Information Unit or the Borough Intelligence Units.

I hate the fact the recruitment standards have been lowered to let any old 4' 9" 19 year old in the job.

I hate being told by the courts and defence briefs that being abused and assaulted are all part of the job.

I hate not being able to defend myself and my colleagues when the press accuse us of doing something wrong.

I hate journalists who don’t get their facts right and the senior officers that let it happen.

I hate the yobs on the corner as much as you do.

I hate the fact that Tony Blair keeps passing laws that don’t work.

I hate the fact that he brought in Penalty Notices for Disorder to tackle teenage yobs in the street without having to arrest them, when we can’t even issue them to under 18’s!

I hate the National Crime Reporting Standards.

I hate the CID who can’t be bothered.

I hate drug dealers and rapists.

I hate the targets set by people who have never seen the things that I have seen.

I hate the fact that it can take two hours to book in a prisoner.

I hate people who call the police for no reason other than they can’t resolve their own arguments like adults.

I hate it when the Scenes of Crime officers don’t find any fingerprints.

I hate the fact that our uniform is unfit for the purpose and scruffy…and I hate the helmet…!

I hate the amount of resources put into policing football matches…and the people who can’t behave themselves.

I hate the senior officers that are more interested in cannabis detections and Sec 5 tickets than fighting proper crime.

I hate the fact that drug addicts are seen as victims.

I hate the idea of PCSO’s.

I hate the fact that we are called a service and not a force.

I hate having my duties changed 4 times in a week.

I hate the fact that me and my mates are fighting a losing battle...... But I will still do this job because I love it and it’s people like me and my mates who keep the streets from erupting in flames.

A Met PC in 2006


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