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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Afghan Hijackers Win Asylum Case

The news that the Afghan hijackers (who took over a Boeing 727 on an internal flight from Kabul and forced the crew to fly to Stansted Airport in Essex in February 2000.) have won their High Court challenge against the failure of the Government to grant them formal permission to enter the UK as refugees, doesn't come as any surprise.

Obviously the 'human rights' of hijackers should always come before those of their victims. I mean, what are we thinking about? Sending these poor people back, it's absolutely dreadful.....!

Even more surpirsing is that according to The Guardian, The prime minister took the rare step of criticising a high court ruling. "We can't have a situation in which people who hijack a plane are not able to be deported back to their country," said Tony Blair. "It is not an abuse of justice for us to order their deportation. It is an abuse of common sense, frankly, to be in a position where we can't do this."

According to another report, The Government's unprecedented clash with the courts arose after successive home secretaries determined that the nine should not be seen to benefit from their actions and create a "hijackers' charter".

Home Office Minister Tony McNulty said: "We are disappointed with the court's judgment and are considering whether it is appropriate to appeal. It is common sense that to deter hijacking and international terrorism, individuals should not be rewarded with leave to remain in the UK.
That is why the Home Office introduced a policy that, depending on the circumstances of the case, enabled the Secretary of State not to grant leave of any sort to people who are excluded from international protection and instead keep them on temporary admission."

Soft On Crime or what!


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