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Friday, April 28, 2006

Trust me - I'm a journalist

Well it's the morning after Channel 4's Dispatches and another police officer has sold their soul.

According to popular rumour, scumbag journalist unhappy with the fact that her home force Leicestershire Constabulary wanted her back from her 'well deserved' career break dalliance with the media, decided to waste tens of £1000's of tax payers money in her training etc, before continuing her investigative journalist role for the Undercover Copper programme featured on Dispatches.

I eagerly awaited the start of the programme and due to all the hype on sites such as The Guardian, fully expected the police service to be reeling from the repercussions today...... Tumble weed rolls across the deserted town's high street.......

Even on looking at Undercover Copper's forum on Channel 4, the general response from the public is that this program was completely rubbish! Why not add your comment / thoughts feelings on their forum too?

There's an interesting discussion going on at the police forum concerning the program and I particulary like The Policeman's Blog comment on the whole issue.

The only comment I have to make and looking at said scumbag journalist's CV website - What on earth did Leicestershire Constabulary expect?

Here's Leicestershire Constabulary's press release regarding the Undercover Copper programme.


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