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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brixton Prison Toilets Offend Muslims

Facilities in Brixton prison are being built so Muslim inmates do not have to face Mecca while sitting on the toilet.

I've just read this on Wonko's World and thought it was a wind-up......
Alas no.

A Brixton prison officer said: “If they didn’t get locked up for committing crime they would not have this problem. Yet we have to sort out their loos. If we weren’t paying for it as taxpayers I’d laugh my socks off.”

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said: “As far as I understand this rule only applies in a place of worship.”

Tory MP Ann Widdecombe said: “Some common sense needs to be applied.”

Here's the 'dirt' on the whole 'crappy' issue!

Jail loos turned from East.
Jail toilets face away from Mecca.
Don't 'poo-poo' it there's even more here.


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