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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Politically Correct Police

A retired north Wales policeman has been cleared of a public order offence by Flintshire magistrates for allegedly calling a senior officer a "dyke".

After he was charged, Mr Atkinson allegedly told officers: "The chief constable used the word queers and he didn't get prosecuted."

The court heard how the force's chief constable, Richard Brunstrom, escaped prosecution recently after referring to homosexuals as "queers" during a meeting.

Euros Jones, defending, said "dyke" was defined in the dictionary as "a slang word for lesbian" and was commonly used by the gay community.

In interview, Mr Atkinson also said: "As experienced police officers they probably hear foul language any time of the day. It is so trivial in my book, I thought it would be water off a duck's back."

The court heard that Mr Atkinson apologised during interview, adding: "You might have got away with that off the cuff remark three or four years ago but in this day and age you can't."

"I realise that in this politically correct wilderness of a world it wasn't politically correct."

To read the full article click 'dyke' claim ex-sergeant cleared.

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As a side issue, did you know that comedian Billy Connolly, in one of his performance videos (Live 1994), called Politically Correct "the language of cowardice"?


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