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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wanted: Playful and Outgoing Male!

Nope it has nothing to do with Uniform Dating this time!

North Yorkshire Police Dog Section are making an urgent recruitment appeal.

We are looking to recruit a Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel or Labrador to be trained in drugs detection. The new member of the team must be male and aged 8 to 18 months, be very outgoing, playful, inquisitive, energetic, bold and friendly.

Dog Handler, PC Chris Walker said “I am willing to travel across the county to visit any dog that is offered, where I will make an initial assessment at the owner’s home and if suitable will take the dog away with me. I will then work with the dog for 3 to 4 days during which time a final assessment will be made. If the dog proves unsuitable, he will be returned to his owner, we must stress that we cannot re-home the dogs.”

For the successful dog the rewards are substantial, they will live with their handler, usually in a family environment, be part of a working team and receive the best care, diet and exercise. For any dog that relishes being active, it offers a great life.

Anyone who has a dog to offer for assessment is asked to call PC Chris Walker on 0845 60 60 247.


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