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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Uniforms Are Sexy - It's Official!

According to The Sun, 'uniformed' workers are sexy!

The paper recently ran an article on a two page spread highlighting an online dating site called Uniform Dating.

Matthew Hall a customer service rep at Uniform Dating is quoted as saying 'Men and women in the uniformed services are seen as attractive by the opposite sex, both by each other, and by those who just like the idea of dating someone in uniform. Sometimes the professions give those making contact a feeling of security'.

The site amongst others also caters for military singles whom seem to be using the site whilst posted in some rather dangerous places in the Middle East!

Andrew Perkins, 34, who was in the Royal Military Police for 12 years, and is currently a security consultant in Iraq is quoted as saying: 'People have preconceived ideas about dating those in uniform - either good or bad. With this web site they will know what they are getting. There is a respect thing between people with these jobs because they understand what the other does and can accept the strange working patterns'.

Perkins has friends serving in the Gulf who he says have been using Uniform Dating to make contact with people for potential dates on their return home goes on to say: 'Having a relationship is a major thing among lads in the military, and when you only have a few weeks home at a time it is good to be able to make contact before you come back'.

So there you have it, now there's no longer a need to be lonely after nights.

Get yourself on Uniform Dating and sort your life out!


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