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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Arm The Police

Since my last post, another female police officer has been shot on the streets of Britain whilst engaged in 'bread and butter' police work - Investigating a burglary.

Hunt for gunman as third WPc is shot in street

The shooting of PC Rachael Bown brings the tally to three police officers shot in as many months.

Rachael Bown, 23, was shot in the stomach while responding to a domestic burglary at a student house in Nottingham. She was wearing a new version of a standard bullet- and stab-proof vest but the bullet struck her below it.

An article in the telegraph titled let our police reclaim the streets talks of how this incident "was not a major armed robbery, or a shoot-out between drugs gangs. It appears to have been the work of two petty thieves, caught in the act of a fairly routine domestic burglary. Why should they have been carrying firearms? And why did they not hesitate to use them?"

No more complacency: kill this gun culture also in The Telegraph talks of how the shooting of Rachael Bown, "reinforces the impression of a loss of control by the authorities over illegal handguns."

In an article in The Guardian (written shortly after the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky.) Will Hutton writes on his own feelings, (undoubtedly mirrored by countless parents of police officers in the UK.) on his daughter informing him that she intends joining the police. ".....go with the flow. And quietly invoke whatever god or luck there may be."

Another article in The Guardian mentions the police forum thread - Should The Police Be Armed.

Check out Oh No Not Again if you want a current 'unofficial' police opinion on the arming the police discussion.

The one thing I know on this subject is that the arming discussion continues whilst police officers continue to take daily risks on all our behalf.


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