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Monday, January 30, 2006

Sir Ian Blair

Sir Ian Blair celebrates a year in office this Wednesday.

"Even before the curveball of last summer's extraordinary events, though, Blair faced a series of challenges. Perhaps the toughest was how to fill the shoes of Sir John Stevens, his swashbuckling predecessor. Unusually for a Met commissioner, Stevens left the job an unequivocal success, credited with restoring the morale of the force after the dark days of the Lawrence crisis, and having presided over dramatic falls in crime. More to the point, he was loved by the rank and file. Ask about him and it isn't long before you hear the phrase "copper's copper". One senior officer summed up Blair's problem: "Stevens was an almost impossible act to follow."

Grab a coffee, settle down and read this.

Sir Ian Blair

I particulary like the ".....he tries to intellectually headfuck people...." line!


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