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Monday, November 07, 2005

Nitty Gritty - Let's get down to it!

I've been doing a bit of research on being politically correct in today's modern police service.

I've just came across this article - Nitty Gritty - which caused a bit of a stir a while back.

This then resulted in further discussion at the Gritty Nitty site!

Namby-Pamby , Itsy-Bitsy as well as Picnic are all words which have come under scrutiny recently for reasons along the same lines.

I think therefore I should be a good egg and stop using these terms in future - Whoops, just realised that good egg is also on the banned list because of a possible connection to the cockney rhyming slang, "egg and spoon".

Spanish Practices is also a phrase which is on the 'no-no' list as per an article on The Telegraph.

The Met have said that no officers had faced disciplinary charges for using nitty gritty or good egg, but confirmed it urged staff to "make sure the language they use would not cause offence."

Well that's alright then......!


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