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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Police Forces Merge - Amalgamation News

Just finished reading this article Police Merger: Forces Could Be Cut.

The number of police forces in England and Wales could be slashed from 43 to as few as 12 under outlines published by Home Secretary Charles Clarke. A dozen "strategic forces" would see all the traditional county forces merged with at least one neighbour. Mr Clarke has written to chief constables to identify his preferred options after they submitted their own plans for mergers.

This comes hours after the report on Police Amalgamation telling us about the development of a single strategic police force to be created from the North East's three existing forces - Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland.

The Police Federation's view of this is :

'We believe it is vital if reform is to take place that it is carried out on a basis of service effectiveness not just financial efficiency. The public must be left with an improved, more effective force that is able to provide a better service.
We do not want to see large remote police forces that become separated from the community they serve. It is also vital that the welfare of both police officers and police staff is taken into consideration.'

Unfortunately the restructuring of the police service can only result in the police becoming further removed from the public they serve - Something which is obviously not in the public's best interest.


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