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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jobs for retired police officers

A friend of mine who recently retired from the police service pointed me in the direction of this police jobs site.

Until recently there wasn’t a central place for ex police officers in the UK to use and look for work after medical or long service retirement.

This ex police recruitment site has employers fighting over the various valued skills ex police officers have, but don’t perhaps realise how highly valued and in demand these skills are in the ‘real world’!

Retired police jobs currently listed on site include vacancies posted by ‘blue chip’ companies, local government, managerial security roles, as well as a whole host of police forces attempting to entice you back into the job in a ‘civilian’ role.

One job that really stands out for me and I'm sure for all you James Bond types out there is vetting officers for MI5!

The ex police job site is powered by the people at Police Oracle.
Apparently anyone with a police related website can apply to have a ‘powered by’ police job engine on their site for free – They’ll even share 50% of the revenue generated by companies posting job adverts with you. Can’t be bad eh?


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