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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Police Force Mergers

Police merger reports continue to hit the news.

The policy is "the most determined and least popular attempt ever made to centralise policing in Britain, to give ministers unprecedented control over the way that the police do their work, and to undermine police independence. It is driven not just by short-term cost-cutting, but by an ideology that resents local freedom, and has an aversion bordering on paranoia to local government." Anyone proposing such a policy should be put "in a padded cell with his arms stuck behind his back while he was examined by a range of psychoanalysts".

The above is extracted from an article published in The Guardian today.
(Yes, you read that right, the above was published in The Guardian.....!)

Click Police Force Mergers to read the article in full.

See also Police Merger Plans 'Axed' and Row Over PCSO Role.


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